For beginners, professional designers, online business owners, and developers, image background removers are handy tools for editing image background. With background removers, you can cut out image background before making your images look professional. That's where VanceAI Background Remover can help. 

The background remover is an AI-powered tool for cutting out background. It allows you to used to remove background from image free and replace image background for a professional look.


Features of VanceAI Background Remover

Developed by VanceAI, this is an automatic background remover that allows you to cut out image background automatically. All you need to do is upload an image to this background remover and then AI will cut out the background in less than 5 seconds. Another cool feature of this AI is that you can replace image background or solid-color background in it with just one click. For example, if you want to replace a sky background for images, this tool shall be your great choice. 


How to Cut Out Image Background with AI Background Remover?


Step1: Go to this Background Remover and click "Upload Image".

Step2: Drag and drop an image from which you hope to remove background.

Step3: Wait a couple of seconds before background is removed and click “Download”.



When you want to cut out image background, automatic background remover can be your top choice due to its fast speed, stable performance, and accurate output. There is a certain feature that can really save time and that is the option to cover the transparent background with custom color backgrounds or preset backgrounds.